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Dr. David Trimboli

Several years ago, after I had an MRI which confirmed a lower back herniated disc, I had two spinal injections to relieve the pain in my lower back. This pain, which radiated from my lower back down my left side, severely curtailed any sort of activity, such as walking, bending and even standing were agony. Although the pain subsided after the injections, it returned several months later. At that time, my doctors advised me that surgery was the only way to treat this problem. Before I decided on that route, I tried traction therapy with limited success. I was still looking for another option, and luckily, as it turned out, I found Dr. David Trmboli. After a thorough examination, he compiled a set of treatments which included adjustments, manipulation and electrical stimulation. After a few months I was free of pain and could resume a normal life. I have found Dr. Trimboli to be a caring and knowledgeable Chiropractic practitioner and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic treatment. I continue to receive treatments from Dr. Trimboli which have enabled me to successfully maintain normal pain free function and health benefits.

Stefan R.

I recently went to see Dave Trimboli regarding a chronic neck issue I'd been experiencing. Dave had been my regular chiropractor when I lived in Huntington a few years back - but I had not seen him for several years since moving out of town. As always, Dave greeted me like a long-lost family member (he treats all his patients that way, and establishes genuine relationships with them) - and was able to remedy my problem in 30 minutes. I'm aware that chiropractors often get a bad name because many are seemingly either incompetent, or concerned only with how much they can bill my insurance company, and how often they can get me to come in for treatment.

I myself have had mixed success with chiropractors - with some addressing the problem at hand in a diligent and professional manner, while others tack on scores of additional "services" (stim, heat, ultrasound; even a needle into a trigger point that one chiro then billed as "surgery!"), in order to maximise their billing. Dave is a breath of fresh air and a man of integrity. Dave's services are reasonable to begin with. However, if I happen to need something "extra" beyond the adjustment (for instance, I required heat treatment during this latest visit), there is no enormous "hidden" charge such as I've experienced at other chiropractors in the past. Dave is also a credit to his practice when it comes to diagnosing & treating any acute problems I've encountered over the years. He explains what is maladjusted on my body and how it might have gotten that way - and then goes about fixing the problem. I would strongly recommend Dave Trimboli's chiropractic services - not just to those seeking to treat an ongoing back issue, but also to those looking to remain healthy and prevent such problems.



Dr. Trimboli is truly gifted chiropractor and person. He takes a real interest in his patients and their physical conditions. He is the only medical practitioner who has been able to relieve my TMJ and I have been to jaw specialists! He is one of those rare individuals with the innate gift of healing. He is not just a learned professional. His vast knowledge reinforces an intuitive healing instinct that is unique to him and surpasses any chiropractor I've gone to. Additionally, I always call him for an appointment on the fly and he always finds time for me. I can't recommend him enough!!!

Tara Fenamore

I came to see Dr. Trimboli because of severe neck and back pain, the result of 25 years of fibromyalgia. I had previously been treated by doctors in the U.S. and Canada with only short-term relief and was told that this is a permanent condition. Although I was referred by a close friend, a refused to consider chiropractic treatment-- my impressions of the field were quite negative.

However, when I came to the office, I found Dr. Trimboli to be friendly, helpful, and a pleasure to be with. He took the time to explain everything he did and answered all my questions.
After 6 weeks of treatments, I began to notice that my muscle pain no longer seemed to worsen when bad weather was approaching; after 3 months, my pain is so negligable that I am barely aware of it most days.

Best of all, it doesn't hurt. Dr. Trimboli goes in easy stages, and visiting his office has become a pleasant and relaxing break in my day.


I live an active lifestyle. I am either at the gym, playing sports, or doing some kind of other physical activity at least four to five times a week. In college I started experiencing severe headaches after all the stress I was putting on my body. Only weeks after I began seeing David Trimboli, my severe headaches disappeared. I continued receiving treatment from David on weekly basis as I believe it is part of living a healthy lifestyle.

David’s knowledge of the human body that he shares with me has assisted me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in my post college years. He always provides me with tips and pointers on safer and more effective ways to exercise which I implement in my daily routines. Now that I have a full time “desk job” I still feel it is important to receive Chiropractic treatment on a weekly basis after all of the stress that is placed on spine from the result of not moving for those 8 hours a day.

- Andy T. Taffurelli

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